New Customers

Starting Strong: The First Chapter of Your Car Care Journey

To ensure that all vehicles are left in the best possible condition, I require first-time customers to book a minimum of a "Revive and Shine" or "V.I.P. Detail" package, depending on their preference. Both packages comprehensively clean your vehicle's interior and exterior. By booking one of these packages, I can identify and address any specific areas of concern, such as stains or grime build-up, that may require extra attention. This ensures your car receives a deep and thorough clean, leaving it in top-notch condition. I take pride in providing the highest standard of service to all my customers, and this minimum requirement ensures that I can maintain this standard for every vehicle I valet.

Elevating Your Car's Appearance: Our Booking Policy

My "Revive and Shine" and "V.I.P Detail" packages are my comprehensive car detailing services, ranging from 2-3 hours to 7-8 hours, depending on the size of your vehicle, and cover both its interior and exterior. For more detailed information on these packages, please refer to my website's "Revive and Shine" and "V.I.P Detail" sections.

If Finesse Mobile Valeting and Detailing have previously cleaned your vehicle, it still requires a minimum of a "Revive and Shine" or "V.I.P Detail" package if it has been more than five weeks since its last booking. However, if your vehicle is already in excellent condition and requires only maintenance cleaning, I would offer a reduced rate.

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