Ceramic Coating Services

Our Ceramic Coating Services provide the ultimate protection for your vehicle. Our ceramic coatings can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including paint, wheels and glass. The ceramic coating provides a hard, durable, and protective layer that helps to prevent scratches, swirls, and other types of damage. Not only does it protect your vehicle, but it also enhances its appearance by adding a high level of gloss and shine. Our ceramic coatings are professionally applied by our trained technicians, ensuring the best possible results. With our Ceramic Coating Services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected and looking its best for years to come.

From £70.00


Ceramic coating has become increasingly popular in the automotive industry due to its numerous benefits. The primary advantage of ceramic coating is its ability to protect the vehicle's paintwork from external elements such as UV rays, bird droppings, and acid rain. This coating creates a protective layer that prevents these elements from penetrating the clear coat and damaging the paintwork. It also creates a hydrophobic effect, which means that water and other liquids bead up and slide off the car's surface, making it easier to clean and reducing the chances of water spots forming. Additionally, ceramic coatings can enhance the appearance of the paintwork by giving it deeper, more vibrant colours and a glossy finish. Finally, ceramic coating is a long-term investment. Proper care and maintenance can last several years, saving you time and money on regular waxing and detailing services.


Ceramic coating is not limited to a vehicle's paintwork; it can also be applied to the wheels. The benefits of ceramic coating on wheels are numerous. First and foremost, it provides excellent protection against harsh environmental elements, such as salt, dirt, and grime. It also prevents brake dust buildup and makes it easier to clean the wheels. The ceramic coating on wheels also offers a long-lasting shine that lasts for years and protects against scratches and scuffs. Additionally, it provides a layer of protection against UV rays, which can cause fading and discolouration over time. With ceramic coating, wheels will look better and be better protected, ensuring their longevity and keeping them in top condition.

From £80.00

From £40.00


Ceramic coating on a vehicle's glass provides a range of benefits. Firstly, it can enhance visibility during rainy weather, as water droplets are less likely to stick to the surface and create a blurry view. Secondly, it can make it easier to clean the glass, as contaminants are less likely to stick and can be easily wiped away. Additionally, it can improve the durability and resistance of the glass against scratches and chips, which can be caused by various debris on the road. Lastly, ceramic coating can add a layer of UV protection to the glass, which can help prevent the car's interior from fading or cracking due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Overall, ceramic coating on a vehicle's glass provides many benefits that can enhance the driving experience and protect the interior and exterior.

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